Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Second Times the Charm?

(me and bestie andrea isn't she lovely?)

I could not do it. I lived at home for a total of 13 days before deciding to move out again. I love my family and having my own room and not having to grocery shop (lets be real I love not having to drive to Orem to eat my parents groceries), I loved watching TV on demand, I loved talking to my mom before work and the brothers before bed, I loved having water pressure and soft water and  yet all these things was not enough to keep me home. I made the decision Sunday after attending my old singles ward. The energy was addicting. I called Monday and found an apartment completely empty. Perfect for my lovely bestie Andrea and I. I am going back to King Henry for round two. Once again I am excited and yet I still feel as if I have regressed in life going back to a place that I have already experienced.  But maybe that is what life is about. Returning to places, people and things that have made you happy in the past. I hope this is true. I hope I will enjoy myself this summer like I did last summer.I guess we will just have to see.


  1. oh i hope we both have lovely summers and that i get to eat breakfast while staring at the mountains--perfection!

  2. miss you. mad i couldn't move in.
    ps just cuz you moved into king hen doesn't mean you can STOP BLOGGING!?!?!? i miss your posts. and your face! lets see each other..