Thursday, October 24, 2013

back at it

I have been home from this thing called a mission for sometime now. As in I've been home over a year. Through out this year I have reminisced of my blogging days as a way to feel productive while procrastinating the inevitable homework, housework and work. Yet try as I might I could not remember my login, password or even blog domain. Until today when I found I had bookmarked all this information on Ruby (my 5 year old red laptop). Today begins a new blogging journey. Although I am no longer 20, working for my Dad and living in Provo, I am still single, going to school all while trying to make sense of this thing called life. Here is to a new chapter of this blogging life.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

adventure seeking and fabulous

as the summer begins to come to a close i can not help myself but to re-play it in my mind. i think of how none of my summer plans worked out how i thought they would and yet everything happened just how it should. i have loved this summer and i can honestly say it will go down in history as a adventure seeking,  fabulous summer.

i have loved the freedom that accompanies un-employment. the freedom to leave at a moments notice and not come back for hours, days or weeks at a time. i have loved surrounding myself with new people and places. i have loved reconnecting with old friends and reminicing of old times. most of all i have enjoyed getting re-aquainted with myself.

the summer is NOT over so this will not be a an ode to a summer that i will always remember but instead a memory of what has been and what can still be. three weeks are left and i can not wait to see what they bring.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


(at the april fiesta for cousin billy's graduation)

this summer has been a summer i will never forget. hawaii, king henry, farms, nor cal, swimming, unemployment, family reunion, and tanning. this summer i have perfected my tanning positioning. i have perfected the tan to a point where my family can not longer call me madison with out a spanish accent because i kinda look like a different race. i realize that in this day and age when cancer is a threat and leather tan skin is a thing of the past i am behind in the times. i simply do not care. i love my tan. so here is a little before and after (note in both pictures i am not wearing any makeup and my hair is not done) can you see the difference?

(milking cows with my favorite farmer in june)

a profesional tanner

Friday, July 9, 2010

17 again

(the best of madi and mike summer of '06)
I love reading a good book and nothing can distract me while I am down to the wire and about to finish. Unless that is a phone call from an unknown number along with a voicemail. So obviously (okay not so obviously I can go days with ignoring my voicemail) I listen to the voicemail and make a mental note on whether or not to call them back. On the off chance that the voicemail mentioned a need of immediate attention I will call back immediately. Today I received a message that was in Spanish (usually meaning it is a tele-marketing company who thought that by chance I spoke another language) and all I understood was hermano Hall. That was all I needed to hear before dropping the phone.
Once I recovered I called the number and talked to my favorite "85 foot shot" friend. It has been two years since I talked to this bestie and yet it felt like 2 days. I loved talking to him! I talked alot and he listened. I told him he could tell me to be quite after all it would only be fair seeing as I used to tell him to be quite all the time. I was giddy while on the phone with him. I was giddy once I got off the phone and I am giddy telling you about it now. I feel as if I am 17 and nothing has changed (except that he now will only wear his hair in a part and talk with a cute accent).

still giddy and can not stop smiling

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

California and an unfinished book

I am heading off to California to spend the rest of July with my fabulous family. My aunt asked if anyone wanted to drive back home with her and keep her company. I could not resist. This whole unemployed and not going to school thing has its perks at times. I leave in approximately three hours. I have little planned. 

The little I do have planned is more about accomplishing a thing that I have always striven to do. You see there is this book I have started many times and have never finished. I am hoping to finish this book and have many of the questions I have had for sometime answered. I am hoping that I may finally know why I have chosen to live the life I live and believe the things I believe.  You see many of you have finished this book and answered many of my questions for yourself. I envy your answers and look to receive my own over the next three weeks. Pray for me?

a determined to finish the book

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Fiesta for Andrea

I have questioned the best way to express my love and appreciation for a favorite roommate and friend of mine. You see I feel as if I have known this lovely lady for years instead of months. She knows my deepest fears, mistakes, loves, secrets and gossip. She has been my other half this summer. She has changed the way I look not only at myself but at others. 

This lady is Andrea. I met her last fall on my first day at Liberty Square. We had a mutual friend and lived next door to each other pretty much the rest is history. Fall semester was tough for me weddings consumed my social calendar. Yet she was still there for the limited week nights and week ends I had. We talked for hours about nothing. We compared the trials life had dealt us, we danced, we ate, we mingled but most of all we formed a friendship. A friendship that was solidified over Christmas break when I spent a week with her family in Vegas and California. Andrea finally made it out of her teenage years on June 16th. 

In true form we celebrated with a fiesta ringing in her 20th with good food, and great friends. As Andrea's birthday has come and gone I have began to think of the friendship we have formed. My friends from high school have chosen to fall in love before me and in the process I have been given the blessing of having Andrea in my life. 

a grateful finder of new best friends

Farmers and Friendship

This blog is starting to turn into my childhood journal where every time I write I feel the need to apologize for having gone so long with out confiding my daily activities, thoughts or anything else I found semi-important in the pre-pubescent years. So rather than apologize for the lack of posts I will start this post with how I begin many of my current journal entries. I will act as if I have missed nothing and rather than trying to catch you up on all that has consumed my life I will simply start with the most current things in my life that are simply not making sense.

I spent 4 days on a farm about a week ago. I loved every minute of it and have missed the simple life a lot. I am mad I did not take any pictures. I figure I will just have to visit the farm and the people on it again so I may have a second chance to take all the traditional farm pictures. 

I went up with a friend. He is a boy from my ward at King Henry I met majority of his family and slept in the room next to his for 5 nights. He is the first boy I brought to a Sunday dinner (this is a big deal). My family loved him and I in turn loved his family. We are just friends.

My mind has been occupied about this term just friends not just while spending time with my friend and his family on the farm but also here in Provo where I will spend the remainder of my summer while he spends his in Washington. How convenient would it be for me to fall for him while visiting? Have I fallen for him? Do I just like the idea of  him and his simple life? Would he ever fall for a city girl like me (now I realize I am from Orem, Ut which is not necessarily a city but it has a grocery store, mall and movie theater)? Could I ever fall for a farmer? The questions are endless. I can only ask them so many times before I fear my friend and all the possibilities of what our friendship may become consumes me. 

a consumed just friend of a handsome farmer