Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Week in Hawaii

I have been absent, but for good reason I promise. I spent the last week on the lovely island of Oahu with some amazing women. You see cousin Stacey is going on her mission (that is if the new boyfriend doesn't get to her first) in June and Aunt Cyndy invited my mom and I to join on their fabulous island get-a-way. They did lots of exercising, hiking and picture taking. I did lots of eating, reading, and sitting. I loved getting away and I loved getting home even more. Here are a few highlights and lowlights (see those stairs at the bottom? those were the stairs to hell I seriously thought I was going to pass out....maybe I should hit the gym) of the incredible vacation.


  1. I want to kill you for that pink swimsuit! Gorgeous. PS I'm wearing a dress you brought into my life, and I am posting about it later today. PS Plato's burnt down. PS lunch soon PLEASE

  2. oh how fun...glad you guys had a great time!!!