Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Fiesta for Andrea

I have questioned the best way to express my love and appreciation for a favorite roommate and friend of mine. You see I feel as if I have known this lovely lady for years instead of months. She knows my deepest fears, mistakes, loves, secrets and gossip. She has been my other half this summer. She has changed the way I look not only at myself but at others. 

This lady is Andrea. I met her last fall on my first day at Liberty Square. We had a mutual friend and lived next door to each other pretty much the rest is history. Fall semester was tough for me weddings consumed my social calendar. Yet she was still there for the limited week nights and week ends I had. We talked for hours about nothing. We compared the trials life had dealt us, we danced, we ate, we mingled but most of all we formed a friendship. A friendship that was solidified over Christmas break when I spent a week with her family in Vegas and California. Andrea finally made it out of her teenage years on June 16th. 

In true form we celebrated with a fiesta ringing in her 20th with good food, and great friends. As Andrea's birthday has come and gone I have began to think of the friendship we have formed. My friends from high school have chosen to fall in love before me and in the process I have been given the blessing of having Andrea in my life. 

a grateful finder of new best friends

Farmers and Friendship

This blog is starting to turn into my childhood journal where every time I write I feel the need to apologize for having gone so long with out confiding my daily activities, thoughts or anything else I found semi-important in the pre-pubescent years. So rather than apologize for the lack of posts I will start this post with how I begin many of my current journal entries. I will act as if I have missed nothing and rather than trying to catch you up on all that has consumed my life I will simply start with the most current things in my life that are simply not making sense.

I spent 4 days on a farm about a week ago. I loved every minute of it and have missed the simple life a lot. I am mad I did not take any pictures. I figure I will just have to visit the farm and the people on it again so I may have a second chance to take all the traditional farm pictures. 

I went up with a friend. He is a boy from my ward at King Henry I met majority of his family and slept in the room next to his for 5 nights. He is the first boy I brought to a Sunday dinner (this is a big deal). My family loved him and I in turn loved his family. We are just friends.

My mind has been occupied about this term just friends not just while spending time with my friend and his family on the farm but also here in Provo where I will spend the remainder of my summer while he spends his in Washington. How convenient would it be for me to fall for him while visiting? Have I fallen for him? Do I just like the idea of  him and his simple life? Would he ever fall for a city girl like me (now I realize I am from Orem, Ut which is not necessarily a city but it has a grocery store, mall and movie theater)? Could I ever fall for a farmer? The questions are endless. I can only ask them so many times before I fear my friend and all the possibilities of what our friendship may become consumes me. 

a consumed just friend of a handsome farmer

Monday, June 7, 2010

Bestie Kara

(awkward junior high)
(fabulous high school)
(kay's wedding november '09)
I have mentioned this bestie before but today she deserves her very own post.

You see Kara and I have been friends forever. We grew up together. She saw me through all the playful elementary years, awkward junior high years and would go back to the fabulous high school years if I asked her. Our families are friends, her friends are my friends and my friends her friends. We both love food and our families. This year we started our Friday lunches after she left me at Liberty Square. Friday lunches are full of gossip, catch up, facebook stalking, blog talking, Cafe Rio tostadas, reminescing, laughter, occasional crying and most of all  pure friendship.

This past week Kara had to cancel on lunch. She said something about spending the weekend in Deer Valley with her family and boyfriend Jeffie (she seriously chose these people over me! wtf). I spent the day with my little sisters baking. As I was leaving the house that night I got a call. Jeffie had proposed! Yes it is true my childhood best friend got engaged the day before her 20th birthday. As she told me the story I couldn't stop smiling and yet I had tears running down my face.

You see I realized that a) I could not get her a better birthday gift than what Jeff had given her b) she had made the decision to spend the rest of her life with an incredible man that makes her oh so happy and c) I had a flood of memories come back to me. They type of memories that make you feel alive. Kara knows me better than most people. She knows who I truly am, what makes me happy, sad, angry, laugh, spiritual and loved. I am excited for her to start this next chapter of her life with Jeffie on August 20th. I just know she will make such a great wife. After all she has makes an amazing best friend.

a smiling, crying, and nonstalgic best friend
(oh and a picture of the happy couple taking fake engagements in powell summer of '09)