Monday, June 7, 2010

Bestie Kara

(awkward junior high)
(fabulous high school)
(kay's wedding november '09)
I have mentioned this bestie before but today she deserves her very own post.

You see Kara and I have been friends forever. We grew up together. She saw me through all the playful elementary years, awkward junior high years and would go back to the fabulous high school years if I asked her. Our families are friends, her friends are my friends and my friends her friends. We both love food and our families. This year we started our Friday lunches after she left me at Liberty Square. Friday lunches are full of gossip, catch up, facebook stalking, blog talking, Cafe Rio tostadas, reminescing, laughter, occasional crying and most of all  pure friendship.

This past week Kara had to cancel on lunch. She said something about spending the weekend in Deer Valley with her family and boyfriend Jeffie (she seriously chose these people over me! wtf). I spent the day with my little sisters baking. As I was leaving the house that night I got a call. Jeffie had proposed! Yes it is true my childhood best friend got engaged the day before her 20th birthday. As she told me the story I couldn't stop smiling and yet I had tears running down my face.

You see I realized that a) I could not get her a better birthday gift than what Jeff had given her b) she had made the decision to spend the rest of her life with an incredible man that makes her oh so happy and c) I had a flood of memories come back to me. They type of memories that make you feel alive. Kara knows me better than most people. She knows who I truly am, what makes me happy, sad, angry, laugh, spiritual and loved. I am excited for her to start this next chapter of her life with Jeffie on August 20th. I just know she will make such a great wife. After all she has makes an amazing best friend.

a smiling, crying, and nonstalgic best friend
(oh and a picture of the happy couple taking fake engagements in powell summer of '09)

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  1. Hi. I 'stumbled' upon your blog somehow, and had a very enjoyable time reading it. I just think you are an interesting/introspective person (among other great qualities) and liked what you had to say on many a things, thanks.
    Congratulations to Kara!