Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Fiesta for Andrea

I have questioned the best way to express my love and appreciation for a favorite roommate and friend of mine. You see I feel as if I have known this lovely lady for years instead of months. She knows my deepest fears, mistakes, loves, secrets and gossip. She has been my other half this summer. She has changed the way I look not only at myself but at others. 

This lady is Andrea. I met her last fall on my first day at Liberty Square. We had a mutual friend and lived next door to each other pretty much the rest is history. Fall semester was tough for me weddings consumed my social calendar. Yet she was still there for the limited week nights and week ends I had. We talked for hours about nothing. We compared the trials life had dealt us, we danced, we ate, we mingled but most of all we formed a friendship. A friendship that was solidified over Christmas break when I spent a week with her family in Vegas and California. Andrea finally made it out of her teenage years on June 16th. 

In true form we celebrated with a fiesta ringing in her 20th with good food, and great friends. As Andrea's birthday has come and gone I have began to think of the friendship we have formed. My friends from high school have chosen to fall in love before me and in the process I have been given the blessing of having Andrea in my life. 

a grateful finder of new best friends


  1. What a cute post! I really like Andrea. I think she is fantastic. I haven't spent a lot of time with her, but I can tell that she is fun and a loyal friend to you. not to mention she is beautiful, just like you! love ya Madi.