Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Farmers and Friendship

This blog is starting to turn into my childhood journal where every time I write I feel the need to apologize for having gone so long with out confiding my daily activities, thoughts or anything else I found semi-important in the pre-pubescent years. So rather than apologize for the lack of posts I will start this post with how I begin many of my current journal entries. I will act as if I have missed nothing and rather than trying to catch you up on all that has consumed my life I will simply start with the most current things in my life that are simply not making sense.

I spent 4 days on a farm about a week ago. I loved every minute of it and have missed the simple life a lot. I am mad I did not take any pictures. I figure I will just have to visit the farm and the people on it again so I may have a second chance to take all the traditional farm pictures. 

I went up with a friend. He is a boy from my ward at King Henry I met majority of his family and slept in the room next to his for 5 nights. He is the first boy I brought to a Sunday dinner (this is a big deal). My family loved him and I in turn loved his family. We are just friends.

My mind has been occupied about this term just friends not just while spending time with my friend and his family on the farm but also here in Provo where I will spend the remainder of my summer while he spends his in Washington. How convenient would it be for me to fall for him while visiting? Have I fallen for him? Do I just like the idea of  him and his simple life? Would he ever fall for a city girl like me (now I realize I am from Orem, Ut which is not necessarily a city but it has a grocery store, mall and movie theater)? Could I ever fall for a farmer? The questions are endless. I can only ask them so many times before I fear my friend and all the possibilities of what our friendship may become consumes me. 

a consumed just friend of a handsome farmer

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