Thursday, January 7, 2010

la familia

(although this isn't the christmas card it is another great event faith's baptism august 2009)

Between cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, brothers, sisters, sudo cousins, and sister in laws I am surrounded by family and I love each and everyone of them and the blessing they are to my life. In the spirit of Christmas Alex (my older bro by 2 years and best friend of the opposite sex) was chosen by our madre to write the news letter that would accompany our annual Call Christmas Card. Because I just couldn't help myself (I just love talking about my family!) I helped stir up some of the ideas, but Alex truly is the comedian. Hope you enjoy.

I, Alex, drew the short end of the stick this year and am stuck writing the Christmas card. Reflecting on this past year I realized 2009 has been an eventful year for this Call family, (Let’s review) just to name a few things… three surgeries, seven hospital visits, one new member of the family which resulted in one wedding as opposed to our history of one newborn, one baptism, seven car accidents, three new cars and eight lost/broken cell phones… Now lets get to each individual

Grace (7)- The last child to start first grade and mom is loving it. She excels in spelling, reading and talking, isn’t she such a Call girl (no not that kind of call girl)? Life is great when your biggest dilemma is loving animals while having your favorite food be meat, and finally coming to the realization that they are the same thing.

Faith (8)- She was baptized and learned what this means, she was also taught by her older brothers the meaning of sarcasm. She is also loving her new favorite sport gymnastics, doing pull ups on everything. Her greatest dilemma is knowing which bed to sleep in at night, the one with the stuffed animals or her sisters bed.

Tanner (14)- Finally a freshman and going through the big “P” (puberty). He has started to text others and taken a keen interested in the opposite sex. However his biggest dilemma is trying to decide if he should stay home for the weekend and read his Kindle or go out and socialize.

Brady (15)- The ultimate jock, sophomore quarterback, varsity wide receiver, starting sophomore basketball, and lacrosse. He isn’t quite 16, but when he is teenage girls beware he is a force to be reckoned with (high five). Greatest dilemma is trying to decide which is more important sports or Nintendo; it’s a toss up.

Carter (17)- First kid in the family to get a state ring (lacrosse) and youngest to kiss a girl(s). Finally a senior at Orem High and his greatest dilemma is the age-old question “To go to class? Or not to go to class?”

Madison (20)- Working as an office manager for Xionix, also known as working for her dad, playing a major roll in five weddings, and going to school, while still finding time to socialize and live the college life. Her greatest dilemma is finding new friends cause all of hers are getting married off.

Alex (22)- I (Madison) am still talking for him by writing his portion of the Christmas card (some things never change). Alex is still trying to accomplish his New Year’s resolutions, fall in love, choose a major, finally have a desire to lift weights, and eventually get married. His greatest dilemma realizing his little brothers can beat him in something, he finally knows how Dustin feels.

Dustin (24) and Elise (20)- Dating for almost two years and having a seven-month engagement, speaking on behalf of both of them, it wasn’t a day too soon. They are enjoying everything about the married life. Their greatest dilemma is deciding whether or not to photo shop Dustin’s face in their wedding pictures a week after having reconstructive surgery on his face.

Mom (I will never reveal my mothers age)- Finally had some spare time on her hands with Grace being in school, however she spent all that time getting ready for the wedding and taking care of the bedridden. Her greatest dilemma, as usual, is trying to keep her kids on the straight and narrow path.

Dad (Lets just say he is still under 50)- Is excited he can spend more time with the family due to the fact that he can work from out of the house. This has also allowed him to become a jack-of-all-trades by remodeling the back room. His greatest dilemma is trying to figure out how to eat his favorite sweets without them counting as points, his best plan so far, eat the sweets and don’t tell mom.

This is the Call family of ’09 hopefully next year we can continue to progress and recognize the hand of the Lord in everything we do. He has made this year for us and because of Him, once again; we all know anything is possible. I can’t think of a better way to end the year than to celebrate His birth. Lets just make sure we always remember Him through out the entire year, and not just during the holiday season.

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