Saturday, January 16, 2010

kissing in the 801

(me practicing my kissing face with the legit 6 minus kay before they all got married off)

what makes a good kisser?
better yet what makes a bad kisser?
i believe it is personal preference.
i also believe
 certain rules should not be broken.

top 5 kissing musts (or must not's)
  1.  our friends might ask us if we "sucked face" although this question might be asked, kissing should never be actual sucking face.
  2. tongue is often a must but should not be thrusted
  3. be flexible (no not in a physical way) but be willing to try other's moves as well as your own
  4. statues are pretty to look at but not fun with to play with (less is often more or at least keep you out of the bishops office)
  5. to make sure both parties keep their ecclesiastical endorsements follow these two simple rules 
    1. no laying down
    2. do not kiss for long periods of time
let it be known that these are not just my rules but have been taken from those with much more experience than i 
(i just hope to one day try them all out)

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