Sunday, January 10, 2010

Once Upon a Time...

(cam, kelli, me, mike christmas 2007)

(besties christmas 2006)

(cam's bday 2006)

Mike, Cam, Kelli and I were best friends. We started hanging out the summer after an awful sophomore year of high school. Cam was interested in Kelli and Mike and I were just friends. Ok, so maybe I wish there was more but only occasionally.

That summer was magical. We did everything swimming, card games, scooter rides, floating the Provo river, cooking, football games, dances and anything else high schoolers could do. That summer and the next two years were a time of learning, love, and friendship.

In 2008 both Cam and Mike left on there missions. It is now 2010 meaning they will be home with in the next couple of months. My how things change.

Kelli is married. Yes my dear friend Cam received a dear john (in my humble opinion for the better...her and Robbie are perfect for eachother!) and Mike I'm still writing (I think...I haven't heard from in a while) either way they will be home soon and I can't help think about how much has changed and how much will continue to change.

I also can't help think about how much I want so many things to stay the same once they get home. Maybe I'm just wishing for my very own fairytale...

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