Monday, January 11, 2010

lessons learned

(one year older and getting wiser...20th birthday)

the past is history, the future is a mystery, and today is a gift. maybe that is why they call it the present...
maybe this is a lesson i need to learn.
in the past i refused to have any regrets i've done everything; student council, operation smile, ireland, cambodia, washington dc, friday night football games, basketball games, plato's closet, magelby's, dances, rode trips, slumber parties, all nighters, school plays, kissing on the "o" rock, skydiving, hot pots, spain, new york, mexico, california, vegas, movie marathon, reading marathon, drive in movie, rope swing, boating, hiking, swimming, shopping, college, high school, xionix, family reunions, laughing, loving and sometimes learning.
it has not been until lately that i have found that as i have these experiences i often times go through the motions but do not always appreciat the beauty, and fun i am surrounded by as i have these amazing adventures.
just recenlty i found this quote about treating each day as a gift from god. as it is still january and i do love me some new years resolution's i add one to my list. live in the present after all they call it the
present for a reason.

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