Tuesday, February 9, 2010

sunday dinners, la familia and gossip

 (la familia at the annual Arlington christmas party)
Sunday is a special day. It is the most important day of the week. I consider my Sunday's to be sacred. I consider them to be different than every other day of the week. My Sunday's are about family, good food, hot gossip, dating 101, flirty desserty and oh yeah church too. 

Sunday dinners have been around for as long as we have had the day off. As mormon's and Call's we have very little option in which vices we choose to take part in. So we have chosen to eat rum cake as opposed to the drinking of rum. We have chosen indulging ourselves with the best mexican food, steak, salmon, guacamole, ribs, salad, rolls, and pasta rather than placing money on the big game. We choose to arouse ourselves through over eating and sugar comas rather than "opening the present before Christmas" (just imagine my 80 year old grandpa explaining this to the newly engaged).

With many young single adults (mostly male) joining us for our sacred Sunday dinners these Sunday dinners have become somewhat of a dating how to or dating how to not. I mean it is the day after Saturday. It is the weekend coming to an end, who better to analyze the post date text with than members of  your own family.  Often times it is very educating to be the only single girl at the table. I now realize that sometimes a guy might get your number on Monday, hang out with you Tuesday, ask you out for Friday on Wednesday and be over you by Thursday. Seriously.

I  have learned much more than just how to set a table, bake, bbq, and do the dishes at Sunday dinner. I have learned to lie through my teeth about what really went on the previous weekend. I have learned to always be temple worthy while sitting by Dad, Grandpa and Grandmother because you never know when you will get the worthiness interview in front of everyone. I have come to realize that it is not enough to be into someone you need to be pursuing them, along with keeping your options open. You need to be able to hold your own while mingling but if your too good you will be put in the "she's not interested" category. You need to master the line between taking home to meet the parents sweet and just boring.  I am telling you it really is a game. The dating game.

I am just lucky enough to learn majority of my plays, and rules while enjoying Sunday dinner.
(some of la familia skydiving together + elliots lady friend)

(la familia at lisey's campfire birthday party with some of my besties em and rach)

(putting some of those dating game plays to work in a fall la familia group date)


  1. madison! i havent seen you forever. you are so cute.
    cuute pictures and HOLY beautiful genes in your family? because we all know you are beautiful & have beautiful brothers, but beautiful cousins too? haha.
    im so happy you left a comment on my blog!! i love when people tell me they read it..and now that i know yours i can stalk you too!
    so ill just go ahead and add you to my list! :)

  2. Madi! haha I am dying.....
    partly because this is so true... and because I know that I was brought up in that "conversation" on Sunday Dinner. embarrassing...

  3. i especially love the picture of Alex in the skydiving gear... classic Alex face in a picture. eyes always shut.
    you are hysterical. i love you.