Tuesday, July 6, 2010

California and an unfinished book

I am heading off to California to spend the rest of July with my fabulous family. My aunt asked if anyone wanted to drive back home with her and keep her company. I could not resist. This whole unemployed and not going to school thing has its perks at times. I leave in approximately three hours. I have little planned. 

The little I do have planned is more about accomplishing a thing that I have always striven to do. You see there is this book I have started many times and have never finished. I am hoping to finish this book and have many of the questions I have had for sometime answered. I am hoping that I may finally know why I have chosen to live the life I live and believe the things I believe.  You see many of you have finished this book and answered many of my questions for yourself. I envy your answers and look to receive my own over the next three weeks. Pray for me?

a determined to finish the book

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