Tuesday, July 27, 2010

adventure seeking and fabulous

as the summer begins to come to a close i can not help myself but to re-play it in my mind. i think of how none of my summer plans worked out how i thought they would and yet everything happened just how it should. i have loved this summer and i can honestly say it will go down in history as a adventure seeking,  fabulous summer.

i have loved the freedom that accompanies un-employment. the freedom to leave at a moments notice and not come back for hours, days or weeks at a time. i have loved surrounding myself with new people and places. i have loved reconnecting with old friends and reminicing of old times. most of all i have enjoyed getting re-aquainted with myself.

the summer is NOT over so this will not be a an ode to a summer that i will always remember but instead a memory of what has been and what can still be. three weeks are left and i can not wait to see what they bring.


  1. ahhh!!! don't remind me that summer is almost over... i feel like it has yet to begin :/

  2. I am reading this a tad late... but I am still very aware and sad that summer i over with :( boo