Friday, July 9, 2010

17 again

(the best of madi and mike summer of '06)
I love reading a good book and nothing can distract me while I am down to the wire and about to finish. Unless that is a phone call from an unknown number along with a voicemail. So obviously (okay not so obviously I can go days with ignoring my voicemail) I listen to the voicemail and make a mental note on whether or not to call them back. On the off chance that the voicemail mentioned a need of immediate attention I will call back immediately. Today I received a message that was in Spanish (usually meaning it is a tele-marketing company who thought that by chance I spoke another language) and all I understood was hermano Hall. That was all I needed to hear before dropping the phone.
Once I recovered I called the number and talked to my favorite "85 foot shot" friend. It has been two years since I talked to this bestie and yet it felt like 2 days. I loved talking to him! I talked alot and he listened. I told him he could tell me to be quite after all it would only be fair seeing as I used to tell him to be quite all the time. I was giddy while on the phone with him. I was giddy once I got off the phone and I am giddy telling you about it now. I feel as if I am 17 and nothing has changed (except that he now will only wear his hair in a part and talk with a cute accent).

still giddy and can not stop smiling

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  1. AAAhaha! I am so happy you got to talk to him! How fun Madi. He's the best guy.