Friday, February 12, 2010

Dear Madi?

 (enlarge and you will see that even Calvin loves a good Dear Abby)
So in the seventh grade I totally took band. I have no idea why? OK so maybe I do. You see one of my older brother's friends was in the band. He played the saxophone and I thought he was a total babe. So naturally I joined the band. When people asked me what I played I had to be honest with them and myself and would often times say "I was really good at looking at the flute." I never practiced and often times would purposefully leave my flute at home so i didn't have to play in school or at school so I didn't have to practice. Yet when we weren't playing our instruments band was my favorite class. 

My teacher was like so cool or so the 7th grade me thought. He would talk to us and treat us as if we were real people not these tweens. He would ask our advice and actually want to hear us out. I loved talking to him. You gotta understand that I was an avid Oprah viewer. So naturally I knew really random facts about everything. My teacher LOVED this. He loved it so much that he thought I should be like a Dear Abby for my school's newspaper. Only problem? I wasn't in the 9th grade. 

Unfortunately I never pursued this idea in the 9th grade probably because I was too busy being obsessed with clothes, the "steps" and whatever else  freshman obsess over. Then in high school I'm pretty sure I was obsessed with clothes, boys, and working two jobs. I never got around to writing for the school newspaper and obtaining my 7th grade dream of being a Dear Madi columnist. This dream in fact was almost all but forgotten until last night when talking to the roomies and reading them my blog out loud (why I couldn't just tell them what I had written I have NO idea) they told me I should actually have my own advice column. How cool would that be? I mean I love giving people advice or at least pretending I have something to say that could be of worth to them.

So as of today I am going to be Dear Madi. If only for questions in my own life.I mean everyone has dreams (that may or may not have began during seventh grade band) and I am going to allow one of my many dreams to come true right here on this little blog. 
(just waiting for my dreams to come true and thinking up some great advice to help myself out)

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