Friday, February 5, 2010

something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

as of july 2009 i have been in 6 weddings and counting
my life has been consumed with my dear friends and family getting married.
i have gone from a wedding virgin to a wedding expert in a mere half a year.
my new favorite show is "say yes to the dress"
i can throw a bachelorette party with out a sweat
although bridal showers are my forte.
due to process of elimination i have planned my whole wedding...
no way
live band: 
dessert buffet:
extraordinary dinner: 
a must
no way
fab dress, hair and make up: 
absolutely (it is my day after all!)
brothers dancing: 
an absolute yes
wedding video montage: 
already compiling my pics
first dance:
started practices last week 
fabulously handsome, funny and genuine
not until i find previously mentioned groom and fall in love
(a girl can dream though...right?) 
*just a few of the wedding dinners, bridal showers, wedding open houses, bachelorette parties, garden parties, wedding receptions, and my favorite temple exits


  1. i hope you don't mind my comments. because i will do them a lot!
    but i love this post! it just reminded me of wedding planner for some reason. i definitely will come to you for tips :) .....however far away that will be {sigh} haha

  2. are you kidding me i love the comments! and i love that you actually read my blog! isn't it so funny that we write these things as if so many people read it. and then when people actually do read it we are shocked? it is just such a weird concept to me...

  3. haha made me laugh out loud. You are definetly a wedding expert. Can't wait for yours... I am thinking a next Spring wedding for you... with a certain someone. That is one thing you didn't say, what season do you want to get married? and I am assuming in the temple right? haha