Thursday, February 18, 2010

name game and name issues

so i have this thing for names. no not like some people i am not going to name my children after the country or city where they were conceived. or name them differnet fruits or bible names. in fact my thing for names has nothing to do with the names of my future children.

my name thing doesn't even have to do with personal nicknames for my friends. my name issue if you will is the need to name my different groups of friends in my life. weird i totally know. i don't know where it came from but i do know i can identify the different groups of friends through out my life by the group name i bestowed upon them.

in the beginning there was the unofficial fantastic four 

(me, em, regan, and kelli prom 07 although the group was in its most unofficial state in 2005)
then there was the very official mr. triple k it began and ended sophomore year of high school  (notice how it is triple k and kkk we were trying to be politically correct)
(madison (me), rach, kara, kelli, kenzie)

(mr.triple k at my 16th bday lunch)

the summer after sophomore year mr. triple k transformed into the fab four i mean come on it was high school we had to add some testerone to the group (please notice the four repeat)
(me, mike cam and kelli) 
*you can read more about these lovely besties here

all good things must come to an end like missions and graduation and somewhere along the way all my favorite ladies came together and we created the legit six

(me,em, regan, kay, kelli, kara kelli's bridal shower fall 09)

(our very legit birthday dinners fall 08)

(senior trip to dinsey land summer 08)

(senior prom i look horrible so please just let it be)

(our first truly legit trip sunshine tournament spring 08)
*ok so i like these girls alot and we take tons of pictures

high school ended and college came and a year later the legit six grew in size by adding three husbands to the mix. i moved to liberty square this past fall and i met these classy ladies you see bre and andrea live next door so they couldn't be the roomies. so i refer to them as the sudo roomies.

(bre, andrea, me and lauren sledding winter 09)

(incomplete but partial sudo halloween) 

now do not think that i do not realize that by giving my friends  group names i do not realize that i am being exclusive i totally realize this. i am sorry, that is why i fully admit i have name issues. someday i know i will have all my best friends together in one big group but until then i am grateful for all the fun names i have to remember them by. i also realize that someday i will have the ultimate name for my very best friend and that name will be husband (or hubby, babe, hot stuff, ect).


  1. they were all great groups.. with amazing names. i know, i need to call you back. will do soon. still on for friday?

  2. and please don't ever call your husband hubby or hot stuff... i'll give you some other names.. just please not those!