Monday, February 8, 2010

I've had a Day

one of my favorite movies is one fine day i love how absolutely nothing goes right for them. at one point michelle phiefer says to george clooney "i have a day ahead of me". one of my besties kara would always use that phrase in high school (you see she is the one who introduced me to one fine day i believe it was my 9th birthday she gave me the soundtrack and guess what? i fell in love) naturally i started to adapt the phrase into my own vocabulary. so even though i did not have "a day ahead of me" it turned into a day.

a day where nothing seemed to go right. everything i did iwas just wrong. today i was off. does that make any sense? i hope it does. 

because that would mean i am not the only one who ended her day at her parent's house, in her mom's jim jams and promised herself that tomorrow i will be happy, tomorrow i will be in control, tomorrow i will get things done, but tonight i am just going to be. be with my hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow. sweet dreams.


    okay me you and kara? that's what we're doing.

  2. wo woooo i got a shout out! i feel honored. specially cause it's about one fine day. hope today is a better day. xoxo

  3. I love your blog sista! I can totally see you saying all these things. And I know I totally added to your bad day that day! I am so so so sorry! I am the worst best friend ever. Your amazing Madi! Thanks for always taking care of me! love ya