Thursday, February 4, 2010

my person

last night i was talking to my favorite single older brother. 
we are at the same point in our lives. 
single, working, going to school, wanting adventure, looking for love, finding ourselves, making good habits and analyzing every situation. 
i love talking to this older brother of mine. 
not just because we are going through many of the same life altering decisions
but because he gets me. 
he knows me 
and guess what?
he still likes me. 
he doesn't care that i have made him more mad than any human being ever
he does not care that i don't answer his phone calls, texts, i fall asleep while he is talking to me and hang up just because i'm not in a good mood,
he doesn't care if i have makeup on or my hair is fact he never even notices either way.
he doesn't care if i have made past mistakes.
what he does care about is that i am nice, honest, loving, hard working, true to my self 
and most of all
he cares that i am happy. 
we all deserve people like this in our life. 
so thank you ALEX for being my person 
even if it is just until we each find the one.
(august 2006 before he left for england)
(80's dancing winter 2009)


  1. Sorry, I am probably going to comment on almost every blog. And if I don't comment, you will miss it. hah jk. Your brother is a great brother to you. You are such a good sister too. Look at how long your hair was in the first picture! wow! that was like in 10th grade?? I can't remember, but I love the black vest too.