Friday, March 26, 2010

blue, yellow,

As of late I have been reading this gem of a book. It was lent to me by one of my favorite uncles who also happens to be a social worker. He shares my love of people and problem solving. Lets just say he has helped me more than once in my classes and life as of late. 

Yesterday I took the test and found out that I am a blue-yellow followed closely by red. Once I finish the book completely I will re-evaluate and take the test again. I don't fully trust the results. You see I have this theory that in high school while living at home, working at Plato's and on student council I was a flaming red. Then I came to college quite Plato's, moved out, and barely make it to school at all. This change has caused me to be a fun loving yellow. I am not complaining although it might have more to do with the medication I have recently started taking (that is another story). So maybe once I finish the book, move home for the summer and stop trying to deny the fact that I love control and power my color of conduct will change.

 You see I am now obsessed more than I already was with reading people and their personality to try and identify each persons core color (just ask bestie Kara). Just last night I made each of the roomies take the test. I guessed their colors before beginning and was 3 out of 4. I now dare you to test my new found love and knowledge of the color code, take the test and before telling me your results I will guess your color...

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  1. k girl...GUESS MY COLOR! (ps...its totally changed since i graduated high school too!)