Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Just the other day the sudo (i have never claimed to know how to spell) pseudo roomies and I were talking about dating. Shocking I know. The thing is in Provo dating is often times the only thing people talk about. The first question you are generally asked by an aquantice, family member, high school classmate, or anybody else you may come in contact with is "So who are you dating these days?" or "So you dating anyone?". The problem is when you are not dating someone the question can become awkward. My usually response is "Why just date one!" or "I am just having fun dating around!" when in reality I don't really date.
It is hard to explain to the perpetual dater why one would not want to date.  You see dating is all about putting yourself out there and making yourself available. Unfortunately it is a game. For me I have found it easier to just not put myself in the game then suffer the hard fouls, time outs, half times, penalty box, and my least favorite losing. I had a former bishop who believed this mentality was causing me to struggle with same sex attraction I promise this is not the case.

I would just like to find out who I am before I allow someone else enter my life which can sometimes be a mess (a mess that I am learning to love). This way when I experience losing the game, I can get right back up and play another knowing that I only need to win once.


  1. Oh Madison [sassy hand gesture], you speak the truth.

  2. That is interesting that you feel dating is a game.