Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Something Happened

Remember these new year resolutions?
Well there is one that I never thought would happen in fact I didn't expect it to happen. Then one day something began to change. I suddenly had this desire to do something for myself, something that was going to make me happy, something that was not for any one but me, something I have tried before but have never been able to sustain, something that will help me be a better mother, daughter, sister, student, friend, and person. This something is exercise. I don't know how it happened (ok so maybe I know exactly how it happened but I am just not ready to share all my secrets with you...I need time) but I do know that I am grateful it did happen. I am still new to it all. I mean come on it has only been a week and a half but I have moved my body more in the past week in a half than I have in all of 2009. The difference is that this time I am not choosing to be kind to my body and move it so I will get the "rock hard bod" that will entice all the "king-henry-vollleyball-playing-provo-all-stars" this summer. Instead I chose to begin moving because I felt like it was time to treat myself like the trusting, loving, beautiful woman that I am.
(newly engaged roomie Lauren and I doing the X factor in p90X)

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  1. so so so so great. as soon as this cold is gone we are going to gym it up!! i need motivation and a buddy! who better than my chatter box? ;)