Monday, March 22, 2010

oh yeah...about that

yesterday i learned about provident living. it felt as if i was back in high school and my mom would guilt me into being nice to the brothers. you know when you already know you are bad at something and then someone decides to confront you on "how you just have so much potential and we just expect more out of you"  for me it feels like someone put a weight in my stomach and it just dropped down to the floor. that is how i felt yesterday learning about "prominent" living (i totally thought that is what it was called until the roomies fiance teased me after about the 30th time of me saying it). i came home and decided that i would return some of my newly purchased clothes, sell my clothes, donate plasma and go back to my new years resolution to save my hard earned monies.

*this all starts after i replenish my supply of these, oh and this

1 comment:

  1. ahhahaha at least otter pops are cheap!
    perfume from so much-but EVERYONE has to smell good!!
    totally agree with this post btw.