Wednesday, March 3, 2010

my life clearly does not make sense right now. 
i want what i can not have,
i do not know what i want
growing up is hard. 
the end.
*how i wish i could go back to these fun times


  1. that is quite possibly most terrible picture i have EVER seen of me. thanks mad dawg. cheers

  2. i'm so self-centered... ps. it's okay to feel lost. everybody does. and we might be the only 2 people to have this desire but i'll go back to high school with you. in a heartbeat. tomorrow. back to never neverland!

  3. Alright Miss MADI! what is going on my dear? And let me remind you those "fun times" they were hard too... rememember? SO you can't go back! It will get better I promise, whatever it is, it will get better! I am here for you. Call me. love ya

  4. i feel the same way sometimes!! like if i could only go back to my junior year my whole life would be fixed. and then i remember how much more confident i am now than i was back then, or how naive i was about bills and money and working and relationships and real life. and the only reason i learned all those lessons is because i kept floating along, instead of staying in one place forever.