Thursday, March 18, 2010

Child of 80's

I was born in the 
greatest decade. This decade is SO great we celebrate it every Thursday night at Area 51. I have chosen to never forget the decade of my birth so I choose to fashion many of my outfits, hair, nail color, music, movie choice and dance moves after this special decade. Tonight as I have often done  I am going to pay tribute to the AWESOME 1980'S. I am going to honor the late John Hughes, Cory Haim and Michael Jackson in the best way I know how. Getting all dolled up "Material Girl" style and look at the "Man in the Mirror" while celebrating "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" as we get our "Footloose"."Sweet Child of Mine" you are welcome to join it may get"Nasty"but no worries we party "Like a Virgin" because we are "Livin' on a Prayer". Hopefully I will see you tonight as I "Bust a Move". 
xoxo "Mickey"

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