Friday, March 19, 2010

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In college we are asked to pick a major. I think this could better be described as picking the one thing we think will make us happy for the rest of lives based on a predetermined list that school has set out for you. Hopefully you pick a good one now because if not you will take unneeded classes prolonging your graduation. Generally speaking we pick our majors based on what we are good at.

 I am horrible at math.  I hate the phonetics of English (in fact I had to use word spell checker then dictionary to make sure I got the right usage and spelling out of phonetics). I have never been happier with a grade than the C- I received in Meteorology (that is how much I disliked that class...I just wanted to pass); I have yet to take Biology. I only like the stories behind history trying to remember all the dates and battles just stresses me out. The most artistic thing I do all day is pick out my clothes and accessories. Physical education has always been my worst subject I did not even like tag at Cascade. I don't know the difference between a soprano or an alto, in fact I could not tell you the difference between chords, notes, measures, flats and sharps. As you can see my options for picking a major have been limited.

Although I have always known what I don't like I did not know what I did like. What I did know is that I love people. I love talking (as most of you know). I love stories. I love knowing why a person did what they did. What made them choose to be the way they are? How people rise above their circumstance? What makes each individual different, unique, lovable, interesting and happy? 

We as individuals each have a story to tell. That is precisely why I chose Social Work. Social Work is the ability to help others find out what in their lives has led them to act the way they do now. What has occurred in their life to get them to the place they are in now. I am just lucky that there are people out there willing to learn biology, chemistry, history, math, music, dance, pe, and many other subjects I am horrible at so I can learn about people (my favorite subject). So I can someday help others. 

xoxo  your favorite future Social Worker

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