Thursday, March 11, 2010

Self Affirmation

(I would like to think that even beautiful women back then had bad moments)
So my life was on the verge of shambles. 
Thanks to some loving and wise friends I am on my way to putting it back together. 
So I apologize for the downer posts.
Sometimes life is a downer and it is up to us to make it right again.
I began making my life right again by saying these three simple phrases to myself daily (or hourly). 
I love me. 
I trust me. 
I am beautiful
Guess what?
I have begun to believe it and the more I believe it the more I
and act 

* I dare you to try it


  1. you are wonderful and i love you. and i am a good gorgeous person, and fit and healthy! woooo!! haha that feels so strange........

  2. Maddie! I LOVE this post! :D you can bet your bottom dollar I'll take you up on that dare :) Love you maddie!