Saturday, March 20, 2010

thanking mr downs

 i started journaling in mr. down's 11th grade english class. i wrote about whatever was on my mind mr. downs would occansionally read something i wrote and the general response was "you are too young to date anyway" or "you are right boys are not worth your time". so as you can see my mind was filled with mostly boys, dances, boys, operation smile, boys, friends, boys, clothes, plato's, and boys...not much has changed.

i don't know what it is about journaling that just brings out the need for me to talk about every encounter, every text, phone call, hang out, drive by, sighting, or gossiping that takes place with any number of guys i may or may not be crushing on.

so mr downs my friends, my  family and i thank you because if it was not for your inspiration in having your students write down their thoughts, dreams, emotions, crushes, stories, and feelings.we would still be listening to me complain about "how he so did not call me after i clearly made not only made visual contact but verbal contact as well...he so should have gotten my number out of the ward directory by now!" i only wish i was kidding.

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  1. haha madi, i love this. and i still have the journal i wrote in mr. downs class, and i read it all the time. you and i are more similar than i ever realized. :)