Monday, April 19, 2010

Changed Plan

So I had this plan for my life. I knew what I was going to do. How long it would take and what it would take to get there. Okay so I am lying. I had one thing on my list that was going to happen. In fact in this year's Christmas Wish book I even made the wish that I knew would come true. The wish? To fall in love or be going on a mission in the year 2010. This was the plan. I was going to go on a mission. 

Then something happened and I can honestly say I do not know what happened. One day instead of moving to King Henry for round two of summer fun I am moving home. Instead of moving home for fall semester and to prepare for previously mentioned mission I am moving out with three of my favorite ladies. I am confused you see I always new I would go on a mission at 21. I could just feel it in my bones. Now I am unsure.

Then I heard this story told by Grandma Kay last night and was inspired and  given faith. My Grandma Kay was 19 when she married my Grandpa. They fell in love on a week end get away with friends. My Grandma Kay knew she loved my Grandpa but also knew she was going to serve a mission. As she is telling my Grandpa of her dilemma he simply says, "Kay don't worry we will go on a mission together when we are older."  Since that time they have spent 16 years doing service for our church. Including two missions, mission president, temple patron and matron, Mexico MTC president, quorum of the seventy and over seeing the church educational program of Mexico. 

I guess you could say Grandpa kept his promise and Grandma Kay was true to herself. I only hope the same can be said for me and my husband someday.

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  1. your grandma's story is so cool. oddly, i always (since i was born probably) thought that i was going to serve a mission... but after a year of working at the mtc, i don't know, i just didn't feel confident about it anymore. now i've been working there for three years, i'm turning 21 soon, and i think the mish... well, the mish just isn't in the stars right now. but best of luck to you!