Thursday, April 15, 2010

Getting To Know You

*a beautiful picture of my mom from college
I work as an office manager for a small internet marketing company in Orem. Okay so I admit it I work for my Dad. This comes with many perks one of them being he buys me lunch everyday. It is quite the conveneint set up for a struggling college student. 

Today however I just did not feel like eating lunch with the boys (my Dad and his business partner Wayne) so I called up my favorite lady and asked if she would go to lunch with me. This lady is truly my favorite. She always has good advice,  and is the best listener I know. She has never let me down. She has seen me at my absolute worst, the lowest of lows and surprisingly enough she still loves me and thinks I am indeed fabulous. 

This woman is Sue Ellen Parkinson Call. My mom. You see my mom like everyone has a story. I don't know Sue Ellen Parkinson's story. I only know Sue Ellen Call's story. I love her story. I love how she fell in love with my Dad. I love how she chose to raise us children. I love that she chose to graduate college and teach third grade (if only for a year). I love how she loves adventure, she is up for anything always. I love that she thinks I am wonderful. I love that she had 8 kids. I love that she has a testimony and that every time I wanted her to be my best friend she said that that is when I should rely on the Lord and allow him to be my best friend. I love that she cares about others. I love that she has so many people who adore her. I love almost everything about her.

As I am sure you all love your own mothers for many of the same reasons that I do I must say that there is one thing I do not love about my mother and that is I want to know her whole story. As for now I am Madison Call some day I will be Madison Call insert married last name here. When that day comes I will never forget the lessons I learned as Madison Call and hope that I will share the story whether good, bad, beautiful, ugly, or messy with my children.  So Mom as you read this (and I hope you do) know that I want to know your story. I want to know Sue Ellen Parkinson. And for all of you who are not my Mom have you ever wanted to know the woman that became your Mom?

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  1. awesome post maddie! Yes, I have always wanted to know my moms story! Sometimes at night when I write in my journals I cringe thinking back at times that my children will probably read my journals, hahaha but hey, if you want the best of me you gotta have all of me right? haha