Monday, April 12, 2010

Story Telling

(Bre, Me, Kierea, and Andrea)

When I was young I told stories. Not just to family and friends but to audiences. I would memorize the story, fill it with accents, hand gestures, and different voice inflections. This is what I did. Having never been good at sports, or art  I did what I was good at talking, reading aloud and telling stories. As a young adult I still enjoy telling stories. Only now they are not of imaginary characters doing great things, instead they are the stories of my life and the not-so-great things I have done. As I tell these stories I have come to find that I love hearing others stories as well. 

You see everyone has a story. We each have something in our life that has helped define who we are. Last night I was talking the fabulous ladies pictured and realized more prominently than ever before just how different we each are. Our stories are different. Our struggles are similar and we each have the desire to be better. To learn, to grow, to teach and to love. 

I love hearing each story. I love knowing why people have chosen to live their life the way they do. I cannot wait for the day when I understand how I can turn the telling of their stories into something greater. Someday I will be able to hear their story and give them the tools they need to heal themselves from the pain they have felt. No one can heal us. We each need to heal ourselves. Others can give us the tools needed for the healing process. It is up to us whether or not we choose to be healed.We as individuals are the only ones with the power to heal.

Now only if I could use the tools I have been taught.

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  1. I always love when you update- you are just the cutest and it's always fun for me to read what you have to say!