Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dust, D, Dustin

(dustin and elise)

Today the oldest Call child turns 25. The oldest of 8 kids can never be an easy place to be. You are the example. You are the guinea pig. You are also the leader. Dustin was everyone of these things. He had an ability to demand the best out of each of the siblings. He demanded the best from himself. He led the way for many a teacher to love me. Dust was always reading, debating, having fun and living right. I can rember praying in the horrible years of Jr. High to be as cool, fun, outgoing, smart and good looking as my oldest brother (you think I am kidding...I am dead serious). 

Dustin has always set the standard high, and he did it again this November when he married Elise. They bring each other up. They make each other better and most importantly they are happy. I would be lying if I said D and I always got along. The truth is I always wanted to be the oldest, I would fight with Dust. I was even known to smack him across the face (I was hormonal?). Want to know what is so noble of Dust though? Yeah he yelled at me, and narked on me to mom but he never touched me. He never made me feel like he did not love me. That is the way Dustin is. He is kind, loving, funny, witty, smart, obedient, hard working, an example, giving but most of all he loves me and our family. What more could you ask from an oldest brother? 

So Dustin Happy Birthday. I  am gratefully for the example you have set for me and the rest of the family. I do not tell you enough just how much I love you. I hope you have a fabulous day.

xoxo your loving little sister Madison


  1. hey maddy! so i just found your blog....and that was such a sweet post!

  2. Hey Maddy... i just found your blog too! :) and, i love this post! and... i love elise and dustin! I went to Jerusalem with Elise... she is the coolest person ever! You are awesome maddy!