Thursday, April 8, 2010


i am the third of eight kids. i have two older brothers, three younger brothers and two baby sisters (i used to refer to them as the "add ons" until my mom found out). growing up i always felt so alone. i was in the middle of all these crazy boys and i am just not crazy. i am a girly girl. i love hair, makeup, dolls, playing school, playing house, i hate getting dirty and most of all i love to talk. this never went over well with all the brothers. so i made due with cousins, imaginary friends and neighborhood friends to keep me occupied. then in the midst of hell (jr. high) my mom had faith and grace. these two (despite the church names) are crazy they are polar opposites in almost every way. 

*at the pleasant grove strawberry days rodeo 2009 can you see the resemblance? 

faith has long dark hair, can not sit still for the life of her, enjoys climbing things, getting dirty, eating, being independent, basically she is call boy in a call girl body. she looks just like me and acts nothing like me. 

*at dust and elise's open house 2009 

grace on the other hand has blue eyes, light brown hair, is tiny, loves cuddling, enjoys getting all dressed up, is a perfectionist, gets a 100% on all her spelling tests, has a memory that competes with a computer, generally gets what she wants through persuasion, you could say she is an all around call girl. 

last night they spent the night at my apartment. i love playing the fun older sister. i love spending times with them. i hate when they bicker with one another. someday they will realize just how lucky they are to have each other. as time goes on i know i have become grateful for the bond of sisterhood that i have with these little "add ons". faith and grace i love you ladies and love watching you grow and mature you are both FABULOUS (i guess they do have something in common after all). i am lucky you choose to love me back.

xoxo your only favorite big sister


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  2. so cute. i LOVE your blog - you're so funny. I'm the third of eight as well; lucky for me, the boys are spread out and i have a sister just older than me. we call the three youngest girls the "little girls" lol. sounds like you are quite the nice big sister.