Tuesday, April 27, 2010

past, present and future

(maybe a watch like this would help?)

I love my blog and if you ever hang out with me it does not take long to know how much I love my blog. The words "have you read my blog?!" are a constant in my life. I have even been known to answer questions in school by reading a blog post. Does this make me weird? Probably, but I kinda do not care. I do not claim to be a fabulous writer. In fact I claim the exact opposite. When it comes to spelling, grammar, and punctuation you can count me out. I do not know the rules of writing but I do know that I love to express myself through words. I find the way words can reveal emotion to be stunning. I love communicating how I truly feel about someone or something through the written word (or in this case typed). 

Now that I outlined why I love my blog so much I feel as if I can tell you what happens to me now. I think in blog posts. When something happens in my life I think to myself "this would make such a great blog post!" then I take the next minute thinking of the best way to phrase what just happened to make it coherent to those that may or may not read it. Let's be honest I realize the lack of pictures on this blog and the amount of words may scare some people (oh alright they scare me and they are my words). So as I celebrated a crazy wedding week end  with the family and a trip down memory lane with the bestie more than once a fabulous blog posts came to mind. I even started a list in my journal so I can remember to tell you all about the incredible insight I received into my own life. 

But you see this creates another problem. I want to live in the present and yet the whole time the present is happening I am thinking about the best way to remember the present while not forgetting the past and trying to control the future. All these thoughts cross my mind while thinking up the next blog post (I seriously hope this makes sense?). So now I have a question that I have been trying to find the answer to for awhile now and surprisingly enough I have come up with nothing. So I open the questions to my few blog friends and whoever else may stumble upon this crazy blog. How do you live in the present?

a trying to not miss out on anything but also remember everything 

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