Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good Girl Gone

*me and my bad self at kay's bachelorette party 

So I have been talking a lot about moving on and growing up. The hard thing about growing up is that sometimes we loose ourselves in the process. I particularly am guilty of this. The last week has not been an easy one. For whatever reason I turned my back on who I really am and it only made things worse. You see I am a good girl. This statement is one I have been fighting all of high school and much of college. I know this sounds funny but have you ever been labeled something from a young age and did not know if you still wanted to own that label later on in life. I guess this is what happened with me being a good girl. I do not know if this is who I really want to be. I have been fighting all my good girl instincts. And guess what? I have come out a slightly worse good girl. So I have this theory (if you know me I have lots of theories about everyone and everything) about labels. The theory is that they restrict us. They do not allow us to continue to grow and learn. Labels have this way of making us think we are either in or out. That there is no middle ground. Maybe there is a gray area where I don't always have to be a good girl but instead I just follow what I know is right whether good or bad (but lets be honest it is me it will most likely be good but now I have a choice). So as for today I am not a good girl. I am just Madison, a girl who enjoys doing good things.

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  1. girl, the problem with just being a girl choosing good things is that you will stay that way. as i get older, i realize it's not enough just to be a good girl... but to always want to be better. a better good girl. continually ;) you crack me up.