Friday, April 23, 2010

Cousin Julie Ann

 (emily, me and julie ann we really are so much fun)

Tomorrow I am a bridesmaid again. It is cousin Julie Ann's wedding. She is marrying Kurt. Growing up I had no sisters. I had to wait until I was 12 before I had a sister to partner in crime with. So I decided I would claimed cousins Julie Ann and Emily as my sisters. They were the best sisters anyone could have asked for. I only had to see them a couple times a year so when I did see them I was actually excited. We always got to do pretty much whatever we wanted. We were exclusive. We were sweet. We were kinda mean. We did whatever we wanted. We were so much fun. 

It is crazy to think that Julie Ann is getting married tomorrow. She is then moving to New York for an incredible internship she will be the breadwinner. You see Julie Ann is smart, practical, kind, loving, beautiful, and fun. She will be a great asset to Citibank.  I am beyond happy for her. I just can not believe how fast time goes by and how much things change. I feel like it was yesterday we were flower girls at the aunt and uncle's weddings. Now it is your wedding and we will be bridesmaids while you are the gorgeous bride. Congratulations to Mrs. Julie Ann Hymas Frandsen!

xoxo your cousin, sister, bridesmaid, fashion consultant, and friend Madison

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