Wednesday, April 14, 2010

plato was a famous philosopher...

I worked as a manager at Plato's Closet for close to 3 years. I loved almost every minute of it. The ladies I worked with were fabulous and patient with me. As I grew from a 16 year old high school junior to a 19 year old college sophomore I considered Plato's home. It was a safe place. A place I could go when everything else around me seemed to be falling apart. I worked with my best friends, Kelli, Julie, Cindy, Brittany, Jessica, Starrie, Anna Shumway, Anna Shorten, Kim, Jordan, Amber, Amy, Chelsea, Rachel and many other ladies who helped shape me into who I am today. 

I took many lessons with me when I left Plato's. I had a new appreciation for restaurants that delivered, customer services skills, simple math, tagging guns, tagging machines, touch screen computers, supply lists, entering emails, working with girls, managing girls, talking to girls, shopping, designer jeans, designer anything, clothes in general, friendship, work related friendships, non-work related friendships, back to school shopping, late holiday hours, late nights, hanger throw up, heavy bins, unclogging toilets, and pretty much any other life lesson that can or cannot be taught while working at a second hand clothing story with 15 ladies you absolutely adore. 

Today I am nonstalgic of my Plato's days. I miss the conversation. I miss the ladies. I miss the customers. I miss working with my best friends. I miss the 30% employee discount. I miss the employee basket. I miss the Plato's cash. I miss wearing a new outfit everyday. I miss the gossip (sorry Brit). I miss trying on at the end of my shift. I miss closing registers. I miss dancing to Muzac. I miss the sisterhood.  Today I miss Plato's.

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  1. Oh man oh man! I want to cry reading this. I miss it too. So much.