Friday, April 9, 2010


I have been textually active lately. I am not a fan of texting and yet I can not stop texting the "tool". That is what I call him. I talk to this boy in person as well, but as of late it has been texting. I feel like I am in high school texting "cowboy j" again. This is only my second textual relationship and feel like it should be my last. I will see the ''tool" tomorrow in my saturday morning human sexuality class. Yes I met him in my sex class what can I say talking sex every Saturday morning makes for one great conversation starter. Someday I will tell you about how much I have enjoyed this class. As for today I am looking forward to the awkard encounter I will for sure experience with him tomorrow. As for now I gotta go I just got another sext. 

*disclaimer this is a VERY pg relationship

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  1. Haha oh Madison you slay me, as usual. I was shocked at your provocative-ness, but mostly I'm just jealous that you have boys sexually harassing you via cell phone.